Usage Instructions

usage-1HOW DO I USE IT?

One can spray Entertainer's Secret into the throat while saying "Ahh", but a more effective way is to take a quick breath inward while spraying into the mouth.

To insure that the upper throat is reached, one should tilt the head back, aim the nozzle in the nostril, and inhale sharply while spraying.

Any brief "tingling" sensation will be quickly replaced by a pleasant soothing feeling. It should be sprayed as often as necessary to eliminate dryness. As is the case with hand lotion or lip balm, over-dosing is not a concern. If the dryness, irritation, or hoarseness persists for more than a few days or if there are any signs of infection, a physician should be consulted.





Allergy and sinus complaints often involve congestion and discomfort because of very thick mucus.

Spraying Entertainer’s Secret helps to thin out the viscous material. This lets the mucus flow as it should which keeps the underlying membranes moist and healthy. Entertainer's Secret will not eliminate or erase the allergy but adjustment of  this material's viscosity can alleviate discomfort.






While we are very flattered that so many household names from the performing arts (e.g. Billy Joel, Jon BonJovi, Barry Manilow ,Lyle Lovett, etc) have been kind enough to tell us that Entertainer's Secret has been beneficial to them, we are equally pleased to number among our customers, thousands of "regular people" including teachers (many different subjects, all academic levels), members of the clergy, choir members, salespersons and business and professional people from all around the world. Anybody who relies on their voice for work or fun should have this spray handy alongside other personal care products. It is a very inexpensive way to insure your very best vocal quality. At one time it was a "secret" for folks in the entertainment field. No more!

Voice professionals offer this tip for anybody who vocalizes: Always drink plenty of water to achieve and maintain systemic hydration. This helps deliver moisture to the dry sensitive membranes in the vocal apparatus "from the inside out". And also spray Entertainer's Secret in to your throat, via the mouth and the nostrils, to supplement re-hydration of the area "from the outside in". If you get that part of the anatomy nice and moist, discomfort and vocal distortion often can be remedied and if you keep it that way, you can prevent a lot of unpleasantness from recurring.


The final formulation was established after considerable experimenting with fiberoptic visualization and computer- generated sonogram technology that records vibrational characteristics and changes in vocal quality. The product's only function is to supplement and adjust the viscosity of the natural secretions which keep the throat and vocal apparatus moist and healthy.

People who use (abuse?) their voices longer or more aggressively than usual while speaking or singing probably comprise the majority of the individuals who can benefit from Entertainer's Secret Throat Relief Spray. But within the healthcare community, professionals have found it helpful to patients who are complaining of dryness, including head and neck radiation patients, speech pathology patients, people with Sjogren's Syndrome, for sleep apnea CPAP users and others.  Entertainer's Secret often can be helpful to these individuals.